Looking at: Board to Death (Short)

My first short film review, exciting times. Board to Death is a short film created by the Luton based production company Broken Lens Productions which consists of young and ambitious film makers. The story is a very simple one as a man goes to hunt down those who cheated with his wife where the names are revealed through a board game.

The film excels technically. The story is told through a sin-cityesque style, shot in black & white with an array of shots and a voice over. The performances are very good and the film is really nice to look at. The editing does feel a bit slow sometimes, there is a lot of stuff here that does harm the pacing a bit. Overall, technically, it’s a very well made film, you can tell the team behind it knows what they’re doing. When it comes to the story, it’s a very basic story told many times before only this time there’s the addition of a board game. It’s a nice touch, but nothing really special as such. The script is what I didn’t really like much. I felt in parts it really does drag on, especially with the expository voice over, show not tell as the phrase goes. However with some of the dialogue, it does have a sense of poetry to it, so it has nice segments, just not joined together well. With regards to the pacing again, there are some red herrings which are there for a shock factor but are just not that surprising and again really hurts the pacing of the film, it makes the film seem longer than it is, and that’s a real shame.

Overall, it’s a very well made film and you can tell a lot of effort has gone into the production and it does pay off, just bits of the script was lacking. However, something to check out once it’s released, gives a real insight to the talent there is in Luton.


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