Looking at: The Theory of Everything

Finally got around to seeing this. The Theory of Everything tells the personal story of the relationship between Stephen Hawking and his first wife Jane Wild and the difficulties involved with Stephen’s ever deteriorating health.

First of all, for those of you who think otherwise, there is very little in here about Hawking’s work. There are small scenes where they go over certain theories but nothing too deep. This is all about his relationship with Jane. The film starts with their initial meeting and date and very quickly, after his diagnosis, they are married. This is all within the first twenty minutes (roughly). Then quickly goes to the first child, career milestone, second child, next milestone, introduction of Johnathan (more on him later), third child, loss of voice, Elaine and divorce. The space in between these sections are quickly covered and we are focused on the intimate scenes between Stephen and Jane, how his disease affects the relationship.

The performances are fantastic, especially from Eddie Redmayne, worthy of the oscar nomination. But the story is just…flabby. There’s a lot there that can be removed or sped up. The initial build up of the relationship was so fast that we didn’t have time to get to know the characters and the chemistry is very forced. The chemistry between Jane and Johnathan (who Jane later marries) was much more believable than with Hawking. The film crawls on afterwards, feeling as if it will never end, then we reach the third act, marked with Hawking’s loss of voice and the introduction of Elaine, a carer. This is where the drama intensifies. A well put together final sequence where you really feel for all the characters.

Great performances, flabby story but fantastic ending.

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