Looking at: Ex Machina

Time to kick of the year with a fresh sci-fi thriller. The story of Ex Machina is about a young coder (Caleb) who wins a trip to the residence of Nathan, the CEO of Blue Books, the company that Caleb works for. What he finds there is that Nathan has created an AI (Ava) and Caleb is to be the human component to the turing test. For those of you who don’t know the turing test is a test that involves a human and a machine. The human would ask a series of questions to the machine and will determine whether or not it has consciousness. If it does it passes the test.

Decades ago the idea of a fully function AI was just science fiction, today, it is something that could become a reality tomorrow. Ex Machina explores our fears and desires for this advancement. It is told within the confines of a very stylish set and a very technical yet fluid script. The film is wonderfully performed and proves to be very thought-provoking.

There’s been a number of films in the past that looks at conscious AIs but Ex Machina explores this through sexuality. Through the course of the film, Caleb and Ava starts to develop a connection, a sense of mutual attraction. However whether or not this is genuine isn’t obvious. The three characters all have their own motives, Nathan to have his big discovery, Caleb to play the hero and Ava to seek freedom and to be one with society. In the trailer there is line asking if Ava was programmed to flirt with Caleb which poses the question were Ava’s feelings genuine or a means of escape? Which goes on to ask, does this still pass the turing test. In short, either way does. On one side she has genuine feelings towards someone which is a human response, on the other end it shows creative thinking to seeking ones goal, something a machine wouldn’t be capable of doing. Thus the whole scenario being the turing test, not just Caleb’s questions. I won’t go into spoilers but this is just scratching the surface of how deep this film goes.

It is a very clever and exciting film which starts the year off with a bang.

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