Looking at: Whiplash

Undeniably the most intense film of the year. Of the decade. I have been looking forward to this film ever since I saw the trailer back in November and it did not disappoint.

Whiplash is about Andrew Neiman, a wannabe-jazz drummer who wants to be the greatest. He gets picked up by Terence Fletcher, the drill sergeant like jazz instructor, to join his band where the best of the best play. However we soon find out it’s not all fun and games at the top. Fletcher’s philosophy on pushing someone beyond what’s expected of them to become the best blurs the lines between pushing and bullying. He frequently humiliates those who fail to meet his standards and go off on a tirade on those who miss out by a hair. Only perfection exists in his band and nothing less and Neiman wants to be that perfect at any cost. The two are the perfect match for each other. They will challenge each other to be the best at any cost.

The story of this is very basic which goes to show you can a great film out of anything. The performance is what really makes this film, especially from JK Simmons, playing the force of nature that is Fletcher. He perfectly encapsulates the tortured nature of a cruel and bullying tutor. Perfection at any cost. At the basis of it, the search for perfection makes both characters quite unlikeable on their own. Neiman have other people in his lives, his father and a girl he dates briefly, but omits them very easily in his pursuit for greatness.

The fast paced nature of the music marriages well with the film’s pace. It hits the ground running from the very beginning and the editing very much so displays this perfectly. With cuts matching the fast drum beats and perfectly framed intense shots of instruments and close ups of the characters.

This is the most intense and well acted films from this year’s awards season. A must watch.

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