Top Ten Film: 2014

As our year draws to a close, time to see what films stood out this year. For arguments sake, I am going by the UK release schedule, so yes there will be films that technically came out in 2013 and had been featured at the Oscars, but my list my rules.

10. Inside Llewyn Davis

Starting off with a bang and in comes the latest addition to the Coen Brothers filmography. A film about a down-on-his-luck folk musician where we follow his daily trials and tribulations. A rewarding film which fantastic music.

9. Chef

Now here’s a feel good film. Jon Favreau taking the helm again with a stella cast telling the delicious story of a chef who decides to venture into the food business on his own. Very touching and lovely to watch. Just don’t go to it on an empty stomach.

8. Dallas Buyers Club

Created a lot of buzz at the Oscars with winning the Best Actor and Supporting Actor categories, a story about a regular average joe trying to not only beat AIDs, but the world.

7. The Grand Budapest Hotel

At last a comedy that is funny. Wes Anderson’s masterpiece about a lobby boy in a prestigious hotel and the hilarious adventures that take place.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Taking the award for comic book film of the year. Funny, adventurous and Groot. The type of sci-fi film we have been waiting a long time for. And the music, man the music.

5. Nightcrawler

The most original film we’ve had in years. Painted as a success story, this film shows the world what happens in the gritty life of a crime news journalist.

4. Begin Again

Aha, the spiritual successor to Once. For those who know me, need I say more? For those who don’t, great performances, great music, and a wonderful story.

3. Boyhood

Probably one of the biggest cinematic achievements in history. Richard Linklater started this project back in 2002 where he would film the story of a boy growing up, year by year. An ambitious project but what a pay off. Something to look out for at the Oscars.

2. Gone Girl

David Fincher can do no wrong. He took an amazing novel and made it into an even better film. Filled with as many twists and turns as a labyrinth, this will keep you guessing until the end. Calling it now, Rosamund Pike, Best Actress award.

1. Her

We all know this was gonna be here. The most innovative story of our time and one of the most relevant films of today’s time, Spike Jonze displays more heartfelt emotion and love in a film where a guy dates his phone than any other romance film ever. Truly a masterpiece and one that will stand the test of time.

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