Looking at: The Judge

Going from a bad film to a great one. I’ve been using one word all day to describe this film and that’s “perfect”. And man is it. The film tells the story of Hank Palmer, an arrogant, self-obsessed lawyer, portrayed fantastically by Robert Downey Jr. On the day of a trail, he gets a call saying that his mother had just passed away. Going back to his hometown, he is reunited with his two brothers and cold-hearted father, Judge Joseph Palmer. Later, Judge gets arrested for a hit and run charge. This leads Hank to represent Judge in the case.

The story is very detailed, filled with depth and twists. It left me feeling very moved and glad as I had very high hopes for this film. The performance was off the charts. Downey was on top form as always and Duvail is perfect as Judge. Also had a very nice appearance from the formidable Billy Bob Thornton. At the heart of this film, we have a lovely heart warming tale of a distant child reconnecting with his forgotten family. There’s been a few of these tales lately but this one tells it most honestly and is presented in a very compelling situation, a situation where both parties have to put their differences aside and work together to benefit each other.

As I said before, just perfect. Check it out.

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