Looking at: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Well that was terrible. The latest adaptation of our favourite four turtles is horrible. Now the script, action sequences and acting are all pretty bad, but the worse thing about this film is the character designs. Man it’s worse that the transformers design. The turtles are all really ugly with Splinter being the worse.

The film fails to capture the essence of the original characters. They’re all stereotypical archetypes of nerd, perv, angst and normal when the characters are suppose to be so much more than that. There is no depths to these characters or the situations they’re in. Shredder is not as he is in the comics and the television shows. He had a much more intimidating and important presence, here he’s basically an attack dog and that’s all his character amounts to. The plot is very thin, the history of the Foot Clan and the turtles is very rushed and delivered poorly.

These characters were treated with the same disrespect and disregard as Transformers was, which is no surprise as this was produced by Michael Bay. It’s a very sad sight to see our favourite childhood heroes be reduced to mindless drivel to feed the masses. Not impressed.

This doesn’t even deserve a trailer link.

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