Top Ten Film: David Fincher

With the release of Gone Girl, David Fincher has reached his tenth film. Let’s list them.

10. Panic Room

Fincher’s fifth film is also his worst film. On it’s own merits it’s an enjoyable popcorn thriller with a rather mediocre story but some great acting. But in the grand scheme of Fincher’s filmography, it feels very lacking.



9. Alien 3

Fincher picked the right series to create his debut feature film. With the other three cementing the careers of legend film makers, Fincher joined their ranks. However, the film itself is very lacking in it’s story, not the fault of Fincher as he did arrive late into production, but it took the series off track. When it comes to the production, it’s a very well put together film. It has Fincher’s unique style all over it.



8. The Game

Now this was an odd film. It’s about man who experiences a lethal series of events which is described as a game. Great acting and style but it just gets more and more confusing as the film progresses. And the ending is very off putting. On the plus side, Sean Penn is fantastic.



7. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Great acting, lovely style and well put together. Just not very engaging characters. Interesting characters, just feel very detached from them. It’s difficult to care about them.



6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Now this was fun. A tale about a man who ages backwards is gonna take you on a twisty ride. It’s a very moving piece with lovely CGI.



5. Fight Club

The top five. The best of the best. Fight Club is probably one of the biggest cult classics of our time. Gritty with brilliant performances. Wasn’t a crowd-pleaser when it came out due to it’s very “different” approach, but it soon became a favourite among film fanatics. A must see for everyone.



4. Seven

The one that made Fincher’s name. Two detectives go on the hunt for a serial killer who’s crimes are related to the seven sins. Will keep you guessing till the very end. Well directed, and a knock out cast.



3. Gone Girl

Fincher’s newest addition to his great array of work. Adapted from Gillian Flynn’s best seller, Gone Girl tells the story of a man dealing with the fallout of his missing wife. And if you think that’s the whole story, you are very wrong. It’s goes so much deeper than that. A complex story that only Fincher could put on the big screen.



2. Zodiac

Based on the famous story of the Zodiac killer, this film re-tells the movements of Robert Graysmith who quickly became obsessed with the Zodiac killer and uncovered his identity through amateur detective work. The atmosphere of this film is chilling at the best of times, and the visuals has that very distinct Fincher look, where a shot can look beautiful and murky at the same time. Check this out.



1. The Social Network

This is the one. The best of the best. One of my favourite films of all time. Not only a great film, but a very important film for our time. An in depth character study on how success, money, power and social importance can change people and turn friends into enemies. A film about geeky students typing on keyboards and ripping each other off. Doesn’t sound very interesting, but in the hands of the great David Fincher, it’s the most invigorating and compelling film of our time.

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