Looking at: The Social Network

This is one of my favourite films of all time from one of my favourite directors of all time. As a digital media enthusiast, I become quickly hooked on Facebook and the sociological effect it had. It has not only changed the internet but effectively the world. Now with The Social Network, I was presented with an insight to how such a product was created. Not entirely accurate I know but an insight nonetheless.

The Social Network delves into the events leading up to the inception of Facebook. It tells the story of how the friendship of two college undergrads was destroyed by power, greed and manipulation. What can be described as a film where people type on keyboard and talk around desks, you would think that such a film wouldn’t suffice to providing an entertaining experience required in cinema. However, the master that is David Fincher took what could be seen as a boring story and turn it into one of the most exciting and dramatic pieces of work in film history. Stunning visuals and a magnificent script by Aaron Sorkin combined with the wonderful acting and fantastic editing, this is a film that will stand out in the ages.

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