Looking at: The Riot Club

Never have I despised a group of individuals so much in my life. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I completely hate the elitist culture and that you must work for what you want.

The Riot Club looks at a group of Oxford students who are part of the secret and exclusive club dedicated for the best and wealthiest students. Together they engage in debaucherous and selfish behaviour, causing havoc to the locals and fellow students. Before I go on I would like to say that I enjoyed the film, it’s the people in it that I don’t like. By that I mean the characters.

They are a group of arrogant and pathetic boys who believe that they are the king of the hills because of their family bank balances; that they can do as they please to who they please because they can pay them off. They believe that they own others. One of the actors referred to the group as a gang but with power and money, which makes them all the more fearful as it is because of the power and money they can get away with most of what they do.

The film looks into this minority of people and turns the tables on them. It puts them in situations where they’d expect to get what they want due to their wealth but actually they don’t. Which just goes to make them more arrogant and determined to push their vulgar values onto others. Part way through the film, during a drunken party, there was a pro-elitist address being given by one of the members accompanied by chants of “fuck the poor” which rallied the group into believing they are powerful beyond measure. All of which led to a wonderfully put together scene that brings them down to planet Earth. It was at this point I thought the message of the film was clear, but I was wrong. SPOILER After the scene where a crime was committed and one of them was charged, the character went to see an ex-member who is now a Tory MP. The MP went to offer his help in keeping the character’s future viable despite this recent mishap, stating that the “old boys” look after it’s own. Earlier in the film, it was said that the members go on to “sit behind important desks”, that they will all get into a position of power where they will control the quality of people’s lives. By the end of the final scene, I was left feeling concerned that such individuals with such disgusting values and morals are the ones who are quite frankly guaranteed a position in power all because of their privileged backgrounds; that us working citizens have to fight for our opportunities where as this lot get everything handed to them whilst believing they are above the law.

A well told film showcasing the reality of a minority of privileged folk. It’s just saddening that this portrayal is actually quite accurate and it’s the kind of world we live in.

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