Looking at: The Fifth Estate

Ever since The Social Network came out, the bar was set pretty high for films about online ventures. Two films are next on this topic, The Fifth Estate and Jobs.

The Fifth Estate tells the tale on how the site Wikileaks was formed along with some in depth telling on some of the leaks. This is a film I’ve had high hopes for as it’s a topic I’m very much interested in along with the extraordinary talent involved. However, I must express my grave disappointment when I came out of that cinema screen.

There was nothing wrong with the topic but merely the execution of said topic. Here’s what I expected. I expected a gripping and emotional tale about man who went to start a new way of reveal information that us the public have the right to know along with his endless battle against the bureaucracy of government. Instead, I was presented with a lackluster story where little emotional devotion is given to the central character or any character at all. Perhaps a little to Daniel but only towards the back end of the third act.

The beginning half of the film has very slow progression with initial leaks presented in a boring chain of events. The metaphoric “hacking world” started off as a smart device but delved into an annoying and repetitive presence that just takes away the realism that a film like this needs to drive on.

I feel that the film was taken in a wrong direction. Understandably due to the nature of the topic, a conspiracy thriller would make sense however that approach just trivialised the film. However once the third act picked up, it really did pick up. Being the centerpiece of the film with the main leak and the big movement with the papers, it was put together wonderfully along with the starting of the betrayals and back stabbing. This is the gripping stuff I wanted, shame it wasn’t like throughout from the beginning.

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