Looking at: Super 8

Right, first the good stuff.
Storyline, basically a group of kids are making a zombie film and an alien in a train crashes and escapes, pursuing his journey on finding a way back home. Along with that there is a mini love triangle between Charles, Joe and Alice (more on that later though). The storyline is pretty decent in it’s self. It’s pretty solid, self contained and has a nice ending. It’s shot really well, filled up with numerous close ups to embrace the emotion of the characters. Music is pretty nice, dark and gloom, usual sci-fi stuff.

Now that’s the good stuff out of the way, let’s get on to the bad stuff.

The acting. The acting was beyond terrible, I haven’t seen acting this bad since the original Doctor Who. Yes I know they are kids, but seriously, I’ve seen better acting at a primary school’s production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Just pure lack of emotion in all of the characters, humour misplaced and muffled speech. Riley Griffiths, person who played Charles, I really suggest you find another career route, acting is really not for you. Also the whole love triangle thing, nope not convinced. This goes with my whole philosophy that romance in films should be left to characters aged AT LEAST sixteen. Actors below that age just don’t have that skill to play a romantic role and be that convincing. I’m sorry but the films speak for themselves.

The script, believe it or not, was worse. Seriously, I was really surprised, J.J. Abrams did a great job with Fringe and to an extent even Lost but this was pure garbage. Lines that were clearly in the wrong place and unsuitable for the kids, with a lot of repetition that really wasn’t needed. At one point I was beginning to think if this was a sci-fi drama film or a comedy due to the amount of poor jokes that were forced into it.

The editing, was shocking. There were at least twenty minutes worth of footage that could’ve been cut out. I mean there was one shot of Joe looking at the weird cube thing in the bathroom, I mean why was it there? It didn’t link with either of the two clips next to it, just put in there to probably add more time.

And the story. Yes I did say the story was pretty good, but that’s not to say there weren’t any issues with it. Now there’s no way to say this without giving away anything major so I will try my best. SPOILER During the third act, I found myself hoping that the film doesn’t follow the damsel in distress routine, but it did. And yes, there was a rescue mission. Now I’m not saying that I wanted her dead or anything, but come on, this isn’t the Goonies! Just once I hope there wasn’t such a cliched ending in these kind of films. It was just like in Cloverfield where they went on a rescue mission at the end, I mean come on, at least try to keep some things realistic.

All in all this was basically J.J. Abrams salute to E.T, trying to make everything in a way that Speilberg would enjoy. And it worked, but that’s why it’s bad. E.T was a classic, and trying to recreate a classic, is a very bad idea. J.J. Abrams, go back to television, it’s what you’re good at.

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