Looking at: Rent

Right, it is said that in musicals, the most important part is the songs. In that case Rent really delivers, from the first note of Seasons of Love to the climax of Finale B, every note is brilliant, every lyric is perfect, every harmony is beautiful. Everything in terms of music is fantastic.

In terms of songs, it’s already an amazing musical, but when you look at the story, the standard goes higher. The film looks at a group of friends, most of which are diagnosed with HIV and AIDs, dealing with issues relating with the AIDs epidemic, payment of rent along with sexuality. The characters all display wonderful levels of emotion and love towards each other, the feel of a tight family; along with which they go through the hardships and difficulties that comes along with it. However, the way they deal with it all and interact with each other, makes them all enjoyable characters as they all do it in spectacular fashion.

The cast are amazing. Perfect for their roles. Especially Adam Pascal, he has the best old school rocker voice, just amazing.

Now to move to technical stuff. Shots, brilliant. Editing, phenomenal. Sound, um, drops quite low at bits but overall pretty good.

This is definitely a film I recommend. Even if you’re not into musicals, trust me, you’ll love this film.

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