Looking at: Ocean’s Eleven (1960)

As a fan of Sinatra’s music, I thought it only fitting to start checking out his films.

The Rat Pack, a group of talented entertainers who would collaborate together from time to time. At the top is Frank Sinatra. Other members include Dean Martin, Sammy Davids Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, to name a few. Ocean’s Eleven is a heist film where the heist is to take out five major Vegas casinos. Sinatra in lead role as Danny Ocean, leads a group of ex military members to participate in the heist. It’s a clever, witty film full of talent and great music. Accompanied with enough twists and turns for a labyrinth and an ending that will stick, this is a masterful piece of work. Classic storytelling at it’s finest. The music alone sells the film, my pick would have to be Davis’ eee o eleven, a beautiful tune.

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