Looking at: Her

With our recent advancements in technology, human connection has evolved. No longer are we connected purely to one another, but with a middle man, him being technology. But with our new aid to connecting, could one perhaps connect with the technology itself?

Her looks into the involvement of technology in our lives. It tells the story Theodore Twombly, a soon to be divorced writer of love letters who falls in love with an operating system (OS). However this isn’t a one way street as the OS, self proclaimed as Samantha, begins to reciprocate of these feelings. Being an actual artificial intelligence, Samantha is programmed with the ability to learn from around her. With the infinite possibilities of Internet she goes on to explore new and exciting things with incredible ease, however learning human emotions is one thing she has to work for.

It begins a conversation on new realms of intimacy and what can be classified as a relationship. The connection and mannerisms of Theodore and Samantha are so genuine that as a viewer, I feel that this is a real couple. Samantha displays real emotions and original thoughts that makes her human like. Initially, it starts as a typical human/machine connection with the machine catering to the human’s needs, but soon, it evolves beyond that. The connection is so real and authentic that it surpasses the need for a physical element. Soon, like all relationships, fights and arguments develop, but this further enhances the realism. There is no holding back, Jonze definitely covers all the angles.

Her is a fantastic film, raising the bar of an already amazing year, just in time for the Oscars. Phoenix delivers the most moving performance of his career, coupled greatly with Johansson’s beautiful voice acting.

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