Looking at: Google+

Right I’ve been putting this one off for a while but here it is, the Google+ “review”.

I say review but it’s gonna end up as a Facebook vs Google+ battle.

Right, Google+ as a website, is it good? It’s pretty good. The circle feature I quite like, a nice and easy way to organise your friend lists which gives the ability to only view new feeds from people in certain circles. Very useful. It has a stronger webcam chat feature than Facebook has plus you can have group convos with it. The fact that it’s integrated with Google mail and all the other attachments is quite useful, it kind of combines everything into one.

However, if you take away the integration with other Google products and the circles feature, it’s basically a carbon copy of Facebook. The news feed layout is exactly the same, you can put photos up (just like Facebook), you can chat to people (just like Facebook), and you can play games, just like Facebook! Even the circles feature is a copy of Facebook to an extent, now on Facebook you can arrange your friends into different groups.

Google+ on it’s own merits is a good social networking site, however because Facebook already exists and has over 750 million members world wide, I don’t think many people will transfer over to Google+, mainly because they are already on Facebook and all of their friends are on Facebook. Now some of you are probably saying “what about Twitter, that’s doing pretty well”, yes well Twitter is very different to Facebook, yes it has a news feed and you can put photos up, but it’s much more focused at making quick updates and a good tool for marketing events on a wider scale, something that Facebook was lacking. Hence why they were able to co-exist. Google+ aims to REPLACE Facebook, something that I think they are really gonna fail at.

Put it this is, Google+ just turned up to the party too late. By the time Google+ showed up, Facebook already got the attention of everyone and everyone is happy. Granted if Google+ came to the scene just as Facebook first got it’s angel investment, then yes, there would be more of a competition, but now is too late.

In my views, the only people that would actually use Google+ are people who just got into social networking (ie. the next generation of kids) or business to expand their marketing.

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