Looking at: Fresh Meat

Right, Fresh Meat, a channel 4 programme about freshers at University. It follows in the lives of six (or seven, can’t really remember) undergraduate students. Quite a good concept and was quite interested when I first heard of it as I myself want to make a similar TV show like it.

However, after watching that first episode, I was very disappointed. Where to begin?


Right it starts off with four new freshers moving into their house for the first time where they meet another student, who is clearly dubbed as the *odd* one (yes there are “labels” for all of them). There is the *tough* one who is the black girl (I really can’t remember any names here except one), the *follower*, the *innocent*? I think, that girl is confusing the in the first episode. There’s the *player* (who comes later in the episode), but the last one I can’t really label, maybe the *relatable* one as he’s what most of us can relate to. But anyway, they all move in, introduce each other and etc, then go to the pub. Now so far it’s pretty standard to what actually happens in the first week of uni.

Now in the pub we meet JD (or JP) the *player* who is chatting up *innocent* (we’ll call her that for now) who then moves away from him. *Relatable* is then chatting to this other girl, we’ll call her *slag* for now just cause there always has to be a slag, and instant “spark” is ignited. Now previously a sort of friendship, love interest (if you can call it that) was hinted between *innocent* and *relatable*, so *innocent* sees this, gets jealous, so goes back to *player*, after which they go back to hers, and *relatable* goes back with *slag*. Now there is a few twists later which I won’t go into, but somewhat interesting, however when *player* and *innocent* goes back, we then watching what could only be described as the most awkward-to-watch sex scene ever. It wasn’t even funny, just cringy.

Now I won’t go through the whole episode as that would take forever, but on the whole, there’s a very good concept, but was just very poorly executed. In that first section, when they were all moving in, we have to sit through terrible camera work, trying to be artsy with blurring and odd angles but it just didn’t work. The dialogue at the beginning was just awkward to sit through, now I know it was suppose to be, but it was just too awkward, just unbearable. The characters are surprisingly plain and just uninteresting, I mean *player* was the only funny one there I thought. I mean ok the relationship between *tough* and *follower* is typical yet interesting, but the initial connection between *relatable* and *innocent* is just so overdone, come on do something new. You have a relatively new concept (Young Ones doesn’t count!) so do some new plot devices, make it interesting, otherwise it’s just like Skins but at uni.

Overall, good concept, bad execution.

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