Looking at: [500] Days of Summer

Well that was an interesting ride. [500] Days of Summer tells the out of sequence story of Tom, a greetings card writer, and his relationship with Summer, from inception to aftermath.

I love the nonlinear storytelling. It works so well for this story. The perfect way to give an overarching feel of the relationship. Taking the best and worst gives a great contrast. This is a difficult one to write about as the stuff I enjoyed about the film aren’t really stella. It was funny, witty, well acted and put together and I did love the film…but nothing amazing stood out.

There was a part which I really hated. Spoilers here. Now this is something that happens a lot in romance films where the guy gets heart broken. The girl gets another guy, main guy heart broken, they see each other again, all is well, then move on. There was a line which made me cringe and rage inside the “I really do hope you’re happy,” like he actually meant it. Argh! Now this is probably the cynic inside of me coming out, but come on. No, you don’t mean it man. Just burn that bridge. I was thinking throughout that whole scene that there was another film that did this better and it was Levitt’s film Don Jon. There was no niceties between the previous girl, no I’m happy for your happiness. There were civilities but that’s different. He moved on, he burnt that bridge and was better for it. I just find these situations very unrealistic and too “fairytale ending”. Be different.

The film does bring itself back up to speed afterwards, just. There was a point where I did think it would’ve gone worst but thank god it didn’t. It kept the realism up (kind of) and had fun with it.

Despite this, I do recommend this film as it is a lot of fun and just really well told. Also great soundtrack.

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