A New Age: Computers

Technology, a very key element in our lives. Always rapidly changing. But with this rapid change and advancement in technology we also have those that are being outdated. One piece of tech is the personal computer. Yes, what was considered a revolution in the early 1970’s is now being removed from existence. With the increased popularity of Laptops and Netbooks, PCs are losing their place in the market.

Back in the 1980s, PCs became the norm in many establishments including schools, police stations and offices whilst having programmes being developed for domestic use. It wasn’t until the late 80s and early 90s that it was the norm at homes. During the 90s at each household had at least one personal computer which was used by everyone in the family. As technology and demand increased throughout the 90s, more and more were being bought. However this did bring about the issue about space and where to put the PCs. This was answered with the Laptop.

Now the first laptop actually came out in 1981, however they weren’t really commonly used due to their lack of performance compared to their PC counterpart. But in the early 90s, their popularity increased vastly as their usefulness improved. They were compact, graphically their improved vastly and can be taken anywhere. Their performance were still inferior to that of the PCs, however this drawback was answered with efficiency. As time passed by and technology improved, the Laptop became more popular than the PC and by 2007, the Netbook appeared on the market, which was a compact version of the Laptop.

As time went on, the Laptop eventually got bigger, some even ranging to a 17” screen, and in effect they were more common than the PC. So requests for a compact version appeared, and the Netbook was the answer. The Netbook is a laptop back without the disc drive and are typically less than 12” in screen size. This is when it became clear that PCs are being written out of the market. With Laptops becoming on par with PCs in terms of performance and overtaking it on convenience, there is little that the PC is useful for. Even doing things like video editing, which takes a lot of processing power, the Apple Macbook Pro is a fine tool for this and does it exceptionally well, where as the Mac Pro may do the job better, it is targeted more at a higher level in the industry, hence the Macbook Pro being the more popular computer.

Even gaming, with range of Alienware Laptops out there that all perform quite highly, it takes the opportunity to take gaming with you. Plus with console gaming taking over the market, there is little genres of games that remain exclusive on the PC, those only being Real Time Strategy and First Person Shoot.

With all of this advancement, I predict that very soon we will see the PC slowly disappear and become an antique.

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